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God aweful waste.

I hate hearing about this sort of thing. Sad stuff. Then again I fear for all animators in this media next. I don't know if the FOX news crowd will try to pull this sort of "Are our children posting plans for terrorism on the net. " thing or what. But this is never good. Eh.

Animation was alright. Nothing new or special. The reality factor only sours it much more.

Good but...Woah!

Alright let me start off with this. The graphics are top notch and the sounds are a nice touch. You made bush look like a chimp +5 to you,sir. However this is a little... simple. I'm sorry but the slave reference seeems a little bit out there, although it does convey the message, it is a stretch. However on other levels it works fine. One other thing we all know Cheney is pulling the strings but, you had "Dubbya" using too many big words. He has the IQ of a crack baby third grader with down syndrome in a shotty distrct. Although the deal with the other "White Bread Motherfuckers" was spot on. If you make a sequel and want to push it up a notch throw in some more German Nazi references and barb wire white house jokes. Just to piss those sensitive assholes off. Thanks for your time. Keep up the great work.

Vote Freedom, not Bush

Holy Crap! Thats really wild.

I swear this is one of the most original and bizzare series on the net. Keep up the good work. BTW that boy is creepy as hell. Nice touch with the viens.

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Very good game

Can I make a suggestion. Try to sell this to Ambrosia Software. Thaey make cool simple games and this already looks much like thier better games. I'll send you a link for the company. It's really worth a shot. They'd buy it I think too.

score says it all

0...yep. thats it. try harder, bub.

This fuckin rocks!!

Very cool game. You would make a cool driving game I bet. Nice work.

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