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New Scene: Anne!

Posted by Crowchild85 - May 30th, 2016

Now Available at www.HTHSTUDIOS.com

GOLD MEMBERS: are you in the mood for some Belgian draft horse? Then head over to the Gold Room, and have a chat with Anne. She'll have you lay back on one of our luxurious deck chairs while she shows you some reverse cowgirl fun!

Scene features:

- New tit bouncing dynamics and squishing
- 3 different camera views to switch between
- Internal cam for climax!

Watch as you blow your hot load deep into that sexy horse. And yes it does work with all the different cock models! Select your species in character creation or edit your character before you click on Anne to see the differences.

*Please note that character creation only selects the cock model at this time.

If you are unable to use our store and would like another payment option please read and fill out THIS FORM. If you have filled out this form in the past and would like to renew your subscription, please fill out another form. We're also offering an autorenew option for Gold members on Patreon.

That's all for Gold members this month check back next month for the next new scene, or you can follow along with work in progress scene-work at Patreon, Tumblr, or Twitter.

Comments (1)

Hm, can't recall if there's been an internal shot before. So that might be interesting to see.
Still, it is a bit impressive to a degree how you can manage to keep all the new scenes so monotone and generic, while still having a decent quality to them. It's a very unique quality to them so to speak.

Still, it doesn't excuse the half-assed complete lack of cunt models. Nor does it excuse the failed female scene that did everything backwards by 1: Giving the male a horsedick, despite claiming all characters had human genitals as standard. 2: Making the scene about the male, not the PC. Same identical mistake that Crowjob crashed and burned their lame excuse of a female PC was... and that slapdash "meet and fuck" trainwreck. Heck, even TiTS has failed horribly with it. Despite promising not to. (I mean, come on... 5 starting species and 12 starting abilities for the male. And as female, you can only play human, and have 0 abilities to chose from...) If you guys aren't even gonna try, it's not that big surprise that we chicks aren't even that impressed xP (one of the oral scenes was honestly really good though. only lacked genital options.)

I know female PC's are a new concept. But making them the polar opposite of male PC's really isn't the way to go xD Kinda feels like a no-brainer, but apparently not... oh well.
Still, at least HTH is quite visually impressive. Though I can agree with many that it does feel a bit exaggerated at times. Kinda went from it's roots, and is kinda spinning in place.