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Expanded Threesome: Rio and Zig Zag

2014-03-13 09:06:48 by Crowchild85

GOLD MEMBERS: Now you can fuck Zig Zag while she's ontop of Rio! Watch those ladies pleasure themselves while squished beneath you.


There are plans for expansions of these threesome scenes, in future updates. This is only the beginning of threesomes in HTH! At this time you can not toggle between the characters, but rest assured it is in the works, it's all about getting the code to cooperate.

There's still more to come for February. This news feed will update as characters go live.


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2014-03-13 09:24:54

I think you mean March. Been a long time since I played HTH, those were fun times.

Crowchild85 responds:

Actually these ZZ & Rio updates had been scheduled for February and I am working on updates for March right now!

Come and visit HTH anytime @


2014-03-14 07:07:05

The quality of HTH is getting increasingly more wesome... Great work

Crowchild85 responds:

So glad you like!