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High Tail Hall Fans! HTH Studios is now online!

2007-11-15 23:20:47 by Crowchild85

HTH Studios: The Official Homepage of HTH Studios & High Tail Hall


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2007-11-16 00:53:36

Right on, man.


2007-11-16 16:36:58

Is the game HTH2 going to come out?


2007-11-17 13:52:46

same q like spartan


2007-11-22 11:14:28

yah man whenis hth 2 gonna come out man hth 1 was freikin awsome and i would love to see a second one


2007-11-23 11:52:27

Arg! I just can't wait for hth2, from the stuff on hthstudios I saw, it looks like it's gonna kick major arse!


2007-11-25 14:25:41

Welcome back!


2007-11-27 11:12:15

Love them! your website is a good start also. keep it up. ;)


2007-12-06 02:35:41

Yay I can`t wait to see the pics ^_^ I got a idea for a pic why not Minerva Mink porn ??????


2007-12-09 00:19:38

Plz tell me when HTH2 is comin out, I rly want to see it! The first was great, and I cant wait to play the next one! But u rly need to make it with sounds. That was the only bad part of HTH 1. Keep up the good work, plz contact me when u think it will be ready.


2007-12-12 18:23:53

Keep up the good work, when does 2 come out?
I read something about an HTH classic, what's the scoop on that?


2007-12-23 14:11:25

Someone said HTH2 is not gonna come out. Is this true???? If it really does never come out, I will be extremely disappointed. Your flash is my favorite on NG, I was really looking forward to playing HTH2. This really sucks.


2007-12-24 17:57:52

your rock dude!!


2007-12-26 01:09:45

i love that game


2008-01-05 22:33:12

Man ur furry games kick ass


2008-01-24 21:19:50

i loved hth if your makeing another at least give some kind of rough date like if your started if your allmost done or something


2008-01-28 15:51:06

Well its a pretty cool site.


2008-02-24 20:54:37

big fan of hth
when are we expecting somethin new?


2008-03-04 19:01:42

you should add some more genders in the next game..maybe herms? lol


2008-03-07 00:27:22

can't wait til HTH2 full thing comes out


2008-03-07 11:32:24

you put up the hth2 thing on hthstudios
awesome!!! thank you thank you thank you
i hope the girls will be down soon lol :P


2008-03-07 21:33:01

Nice stuff I like the site pitty its not proper finished yet but it looks like a neat idea


2008-03-12 16:35:03

its good to know that your back on your feet,i thought i heard about a fire that destroyed some of you other stuff.Anyway if there wasn't it's still nice to get some submissions comming from one of the great artists of newgrounds.


2008-03-13 05:26:38

great game from wat i heard a fire destroyed ur stuff ,that sucks i hope everything works out in the end .but great game i was just checking out the preveiw to hth2 with the new lady in the glass room,and i gotta say great job loved it plus it has sounds cant wait for the full thing but .take your time dude its great and you dont want to rush it good job ,and keep up the awsome work


2008-03-14 00:05:32

I was just a newb in the fandom when I found out about the existence of the incorrigible Crowchild. When I found out about the fire I was gravely dissappointed. Your return has been long awaited. Welcome back.


2008-03-20 19:42:39

hope it comes out soon. by the way good job!


2008-03-20 19:45:26

sorry I had an account but it screwed up. so i had to create another.


2008-03-22 16:18:29

Woot! Keep it up Crowchild! I can't wait for HtH2! :D
PS: I like Tanya a lot! She is so hot!


2008-03-22 18:49:07

hes probably not gonna get back to any of us i hope you all know that. he hasn't left one comment on his page, but if he does like pm us will there be anything else like anyother options on hth 2 rather than just ya know on the knees like something new.


2008-03-22 20:13:10

What you mean like request for a character to be made or stuff like that?


2008-03-23 18:52:43

Hey man nice work on the site. Are you going to have them do anything else besides just bj's?


2008-03-25 22:56:32

Love the work you have done, Im sure all your fans cant wait to see more of your great work.


2008-03-31 05:41:40

The game looks great so far, and you made a clever decision in making it look like the guests are just arriving, etc... that way, there's still something there, so it feels like there's an actual game instead of something still under development torturing you with... ah, fuck it, i have no idea where this comment is headed so i'm just gonna stfu now.

Anyways, keep up the epic work! And if you ever need a beta tester, i'm here =D


2008-04-04 22:46:17

Hiya Just a quick message.
Massive fan of HTH1 Tanya Winters is so so so hot!
And HTH2 is coming a long great :) was very happy to see Rio in there and well Ginger is realy nice as well ^^:P
But wanted to know if there were any plans on Putting Tanya in HTH2?

I've seen a few pics here and there but just want to know.

Again massive fan and well done :) HTH1 is great and I can see that HTH2 is going to be supreb once finished ( I mean it;s already great and thats after just going live)
Also are you thinking of putting Rose into it? or will she remain a seperate game because I really like her to.
Thanks :)
Keep up the good work. HTHS FTW!!!


2008-04-19 21:52:57

ur fuckin awesome dude


2008-04-23 16:18:03

when will tanya get there??


2008-05-01 18:45:35

hth 2 has less then the first


2008-05-02 21:06:18

Awesome finally I have been waiting for this for a long time, a very long time.


2008-05-09 12:15:50

In the media section, the audio for "Bella and Tyler Preview" seems to work, but I can't seem to get the video part working. Any suggestions?


2008-05-09 23:49:41


Crowchild has posted in several journals on another site that production on HTH2 will be slow due to work overload. Please be patient; the end result will, most likely, blow your mind. Or, at least, I hope so...


2008-05-13 05:11:17

KK, thanx Kwarantyne.


2008-05-20 06:15:47

What, we've got an update.


2008-06-11 00:52:04

yo sup man I'd like to help you out with your production. I'm a 3d/2d artist. peace


2008-06-11 00:56:32

oh and another thing Rio rocks!!!!!!


2008-06-11 02:27:35

yo me again bringing you the latest updates. HTH2 will have Ginger, my favorite and most beautiful Rio, Tanya, Aleta, Bella, and know Ginger and Rio. Tanya is the Zebra from HTH1. Aleta is a Parrot furry character, Bella is the polar bear with the pool stick. and Zoe is the cheeta character... there you go that's the characters of HTH2.

Don't ask me how I know it's a little secret called de-compilation of swf.


2008-06-24 03:17:59

Checked out HTH2, loved the first one, really love this. Especially the with the voice acting with Rio. Can't wait to see more.


2008-06-26 08:05:44

I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far. The game both looks and sounds great. The voice acting adds a great new element.
Be sure to keep people in the know with updates.
Everything looks real promising.
Keep it up, Crow.


2008-07-13 16:02:05

there are alot of girls there but i can only click on rio and ginger wtf is my computer messed up or he didnt put any action option in thm yet?


2008-07-16 01:30:00

Keep up the good work i see the website is doing good and hth2 is getting better take ur time the longer the better 4 perfection


2008-08-09 03:32:21

I want to start by saying i love your work. I've played HTH 2 and it's freaking brilliant.
But, i have no sound on my computer so i never know what Rio says.
I'll assume that you can't click most of the girls because they're not finished yet.
I'm thinking about submitting my own pictures to gallery, as Fanart maybe?
If i were to do that shall i send it to your e-mail or what?

Anyway a little suggestion for HTH 2. Put the Zebra in it again! Damnit she was hot.
Okay thanks!


2008-09-02 19:36:19

Can you put me in it i want to be a female tiger but mostly make her do blow jobs because i like blow job but you can do what ever you want and also put the zebra.