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High Tail Hall Fans! HTH Studios is now online!

2007-11-15 23:20:47 by Crowchild85

HTH Studios: The Official Homepage of HTH Studios & High Tail Hall


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2012-10-02 15:38:10



2012-01-26 14:37:18

Are you going to set up a new site?


2012-01-17 00:53:06

were is the url of hth studios? i cant find it !!!!


2012-01-14 11:09:38

I try to go to your website do u know why I can only go to other websites with the old versions


2012-01-01 21:43:24

Actually the project's dead. I read it's due to financial problems. Let's face it, no one will work for free these days. Thanks for your hard work all these years, Crowchild. You know we loved your creations, no matter how much some of us may have complained throughout their production process.


2011-12-25 03:55:43

CrowChild85 Your A Fucking Lie So Much Your Web Site Links Don't Work And Neither Does That work Everybody If You Want to Play This Game High tail hall 2 Online Click Here /hth2-full/swf/hth2_mh_Lobby.swf


2011-12-23 16:42:21

Whats up with the site when I clicked on the link it gave me a 404 error. =/


2011-09-05 22:07:10

yo. im about to go to south dakota for 2 months. i realy like the classic high tail hall and would like to "use it" while im over there. is there any way i can get this in a flash or something. if not cool if so freaking awsome. im leaving on september
15th. just a reply for yes or no wold be appreciated. BTW love your new work
with the brothel XD


2011-05-14 10:48:30



2011-02-28 16:47:02

He finally updated his site, check it out.


2011-02-01 06:50:42

are you dead?


2011-01-07 21:54:15

If anyone wants to you can go to swfchan some of his HTH2 materile is there you just havet to search HTH or HTH2 not much is there, but stuff that isnt on here or his site is there.


2010-12-18 02:35:57

will you ever finish your games?


2010-12-15 23:28:45

lol well da damage news stuff got to NG preety late lol sooo ummm yah...


2010-12-14 23:38:10

To everyone saying, "I HERD SOMTHIN DAMAGE STUDIOS?"

That happened in like 2004.


2010-11-27 17:23:40

also what i heard around is that there was a fire destroyed his stuff etc.. and thats might be the reason why the site turend to crap


2010-11-27 17:15:44

how come your site is just a blank screen now >.>


2010-10-23 12:38:53

Submit High Tail 2!!!!


2010-09-26 17:14:51

How come i cant get on the site? It opens, but the screen just stays black and does nothing


2010-07-03 01:08:22

TL;DR he died of boredom.


2010-06-24 20:04:55

You need to finish the game, I really wanna see who else is there.


2010-06-20 18:29:29

Not sure if this has been said yet, but from what I've heard, Crowchild and HTH Studios servers were damaged by I don't know what, and the website hasn't run any updates because of it. All the flash files were lost, and I don't think they were able to be recovered. As it stands, HTH Studios is still online, somehow, but I highly doubt any updates will be released any time soon. HTH2 has a version on HTH Studios, but it wasn't finished. There are still unaccessable areas, and the animations aren't all too up to spec. Not a bad game, though. Check it out if you want, but the website may take some time to load up. It's pretty big.



2010-06-20 01:21:16

THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have silently sat and watched the time fly by and there has been absolutely no results! When i first played HTH 1 and 2, it was like a dream come true, there was finally a good yiff game. I came back time and time again, hoping that there would be updates. That same news post has been burning a whole in my screen, waiting for something new to pop up, but is there, nope. The little main room teaser that you gave us was only a small band-aid that was trying to heal the pain that the knife of time stabbed into our hearts. I remain ever vigilant, as well as all of my fellow yiffers, for you to return and ease our pain. Please Crowchild, come back and update your masterpeace, so we can continue our lives, and give hope to all of the up and coming anthro lovers.

- LeopardFurryfurever. Furry name: Hilo ( He-low)


2010-06-17 02:28:44

we need hth 2 on newgrounds... your webpage wont load right... and even if im lucky enough to get to the webpage i have to load hth 2 too...


2010-06-14 22:14:19

ya gonna fix my last post edited: listen to me man hth 1 AND 2 need to be finish your stuff burn it not a reason to quit granted it says god doesn't like you but I never see god actally do anything the point anthro ( animals tuned more human in porn lingo) in not inlegal its a world that makes all who understand it bueaty happy and the FCC sux for saying otherwise finish the games brother finish the games and post so we know your not dead but finishing the games is more importent then that. finish them


2010-06-11 22:11:23

listen to me man high tail hall 1 AND 2 need to be finish NEED i heard you got fired the guy didn't what they were for the world of people who enjoy anthro (animal humans for those not up to date on porn lingo) myself in clued finish them
it not lawbreaking its a world except only by those who understand it bueat
finish them brother finish them


2010-05-23 21:43:44

When the fuck are you going to update HIgh Tail Hall 2? Your fans are getting anxious!


2010-05-08 20:48:29

I think he's dead.


2010-04-11 04:07:05

I know that you might never, ever read this; But you need to know.

To this very day, people are still waiting for anything HTH. There are thousands upon thousands of us out there that don't comment and don't speak out about our love for it. If you stop HTH, you're doing a huge crime. You have a gift that none of us have; Creativity. With your gift, you make all of us happier. You are making possibly millions of people happier about life. If you stop HTH though, all that happiness will never happen.

Please, continue HTH at all costs...


2010-03-27 19:54:36

wat up


2010-02-24 00:41:44

why stoped working on HTH2?


2010-02-18 19:02:33

well, I looked into the parent directory of the site, and found the site works as an swf page, but it's a bit glitchy and the main hall is closed. But there are some characters that can now be yiffed, as well as some other new characters to yiff. Unfortunately, the resolution isn't great, and some of my favorite characters are missing because they were in the main hall (like that hot ass zebra). Here is the html code:


2010-02-02 19:09:16

Looks like you're dead. Ah well... It was nice while it lasted.


2010-01-21 23:25:19

When i go to the site on everything but the first screen i get is just a black screen, when i right click it says movie not loaded =(


2010-01-07 06:39:57

Stop complaining about the late update you whiny little bitches. You're all too stupid to figure out how to use google so here's what I found. Three months ago ,when the game was scheduled for an update, his hard drive crashed. End of story, now go cry about it.


2009-12-28 03:11:42

It's been over 2 years now.


2009-12-20 18:56:51

dam dude u must b doing a FUCKING HUGE update cuz its realy been a while since u did any update. Cmon man, we all love ur stuff dont let us down


2009-12-20 13:16:20

ok dick-head it's been a YEAR and still now updates.
what the hell have you been doing all this time.
pleace anwser soon, DICK-HEADS


2009-10-26 21:58:45

If the site or the game dosen't work, here's some tips for fixing it (all of the following tips works or at least they worked for me):

- Refresh the page
- If the first one did not worked, try closing the page (or the tab) and opening it again
- If none of these worked just restart your computer the site should then work correctly
- If none of the above worked then I'll make fun of you (LULZ)


2009-10-02 00:29:25

For those bitching about updates, a new one should be out October 7th of this year. SUPPOSEDLY.


2009-10-01 15:04:18

hth2 better be updated by the end of the f##king year or you might lose a lot of fans


2009-09-14 16:07:34

heh sorry forget about the comment above... anyways please update soon!


2009-09-12 21:59:21

For all you guys who want to see HTH2 just go to google and look up ''HighTailHall2''.


2009-09-08 18:03:34

We want an update!


2009-08-09 07:15:21

update your stuff!!!


2009-07-21 04:40:18

When are you going to update HTH2?


2009-07-10 22:02:15

don't know if anyone looks at this anymore if you do message me


2009-07-10 14:02:19

add sounds to the zebra in # 1


2009-07-10 14:01:22

hey i love hth will you make a three?